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You’re about to secure how each chronic and acute distress, skin conditions, migraines, and a entire bunch of ailments all stem from the equivalent root reason.

Yin Yang

Diseases equivalent to:

  • Persistent distress1
  • Low Immunity2
  • Persistent acid reflux dysfunction/GERD3
  • Hypertension4
  • Addictions5
  • Fibromyalgia6
  • Hypersensitivity symptoms7
  • Osteoarthritis8
  • Headaches9
  • Low help distress10
  • Asthma11
  • Headaches12
  • Depression and apprehension13
  • And urinary issues14 to title actual just a few…

If you continue to ignore the basis reason and intensely best take care of the symptoms, you’ll never be freed from your condition.

Leaving you chained to your medication… and that’s the system drug firms savor it.

Western medical doctors treat the body as a collection of ingredients which they might be able to treat or change individually savor a automobile.

Nonetheless that’s totally reverse of Worn Chinese language Medicine that treats the whole body as a entire.

In truth, as I’m about to repeat you, the reason of an arthritic knee, an aching decrease help, or blocked arteries has itsy-bitsy to invent with those ingredients of the body.

Pharmaceuticals might perhaps also be an very objective appropriate blessing… Nonetheless they might be able to additionally be a curse… So why aren’t pure, proven doubtless decisions more regularly prescribed?

Huge Pharma has overrun Washington D.C.

There are, actually, two pharmaceutical lobbyists for every member of Congress.15

They have ‘their other folks’ in the FDA.

They write the medical books oldschool in Universities.

So, it’s no wonder that your local doctor obtained’t prescribe you a pure clear up for your distress or ailment… it’s because medical doctors had been programmed to utilize their prescription pad!


Doctor with medication

A search for printed by Mayo Health center published that 70% of Americans rob now not now not up to 1 day by day prescription medication. The equivalent search for showed that 20% of Americans are on 5 or more day by day medications.16

These prescriptions reason facet outcomes… and over a time frame, they reason excessive health issues that require but another day by day drug. And but another… and but another.

This cycle is named: ‘prescription cascade’ (additionally identified as ‘polypharmacy’) and it’s a virulent disease that might perhaps perhaps rob 10 years off the sensible lifestyles expectancy.

Retiree’s at most threat – Review repeat that prescription cascade is accountable for accelerating the need for ancient care… attributable to those novel facet-outcomes17:

  • Decreased bodily functioning
  • Delirium and dementia
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Habitual falls
  • Low immunity attributable to diminished ability to take in vitamins and minerals


Hello I’m Emily J. Parker.

My mother became as soon as a victim of prescription cascade, and I became as soon as additionally travelling along the equivalent route.

Aspect-outcomes from my medication would reason me to decide on up up every morning with a crashing headache and monstrous nausea…

I’d lie in mattress thinking, “how on earth am I going to originate it thru the day?”

“Is that this what the leisure of my lifestyles is going to be savor now?”

I began to develop weight uncontrollably, and I became as soon as turning into more tired day by day. I desired to determine, nevertheless I became as soon as too exhausted from the medication.

At some point soon I took an very objective appropriate detect in the replicate. My eyes were yellow, bloodshot, and surrounded by darkish rings.

“Existence is going to pass me by if I preserve residing savor this” I conception.

After three months of this torture, my body might perhaps perhaps now not rob it anymore.

Reach demise accident reveals therapeutic force of nature

Car Shatter

It became as soon as a Wednesday that altered my lifestyles with out end.

I be conscious my seek: it became as soon as 2.57pm… I became as soon as operating late.

My prescription had made me feel nauseous and faint all day. And even though every cell in my body suggested me to preserve at dwelling; I quiet needed to head to university to decide on up my daughter… and rob some pizza for dinner.

I became as soon as riding actual three blocks from my dwelling when I felt one thing begin to head terribly horrible.

My imaginative and prescient blurred… sounds grew to turn out to be a long way away… and I felt that one thing terrible became as soon as occurring.

I blacked out on the wheel. Love a faulty dream, I awoke on a stretcher in an ambulance.

I became as soon as confused. My shoulder, chest, neck and help were pounding in agony.

My head became as soon as throbbing and in a painful fog. I could perhaps perhaps additionally feel blood caked to my hair.

Long chronicle immediate; my automobile had drifted left and ploughed head-first true into a woman riding an SUV!

Luckily, there had been no younger other folks in the auto, and her injuries were minor.

Nonetheless I suffered excessive whiplash, a fractured vertebra, two damaged ribs, and my left collarbone became as soon as shattered.

All attributable to the facet-outcomes of prescription medications…

… medications that were alleged to motivate me!

Gorgeous ahead of being discharged from the clinic, my doctor asked me what would turn out to be a lifestyles-changing query.

“Would you savor some medication for the distress?”

I begged; “Are there any pure doubtless decisions?”

Nonetheless the doctor kept sidestepping the query.

To shut me up, he suggested me my very best probability became as soon as painkillers.

Health center

I became as soon as astounded that he STILL desired to shove medications down my throat; despite the irony that medications were the reason of my automobile atomize in the major situation!

So I stated no… nevertheless I hadn’t conception it thru.

The distress became as soon as already unbearable, nevertheless I’d have to indispensable it out and secure but another system.

My First Glimmer of Hope Toward Drug-Free Worry Relief

I tried physiotherapy and a chiropractor. Nonetheless, after a string of visits, I wasn’t making any progress.

With my alternate choices operating out; I listened to a buddy of mine who swore by acupuncture…

Nonetheless I HATE needles!

Restful… I became as soon as desperate for even a dinky atomize from the fixed distress. So, I compelled myself to try it, actual to be conscious what would happen.

I became as soon as so nervous. The butterflies in my abdominal were intense!

The therapist stuck some fine needles into my hand, help and face… the appointment became as soon as over in 60 minutes, and when I obtained of the mattress, I became as soon as without prolong stunned that my neck and help distress regarded much less… worthy much less.

I be conscious looking to stumble on what distress became as soon as in actuality remaining… nevertheless the distress became as soon as simply gone!

Nonetheless, my renewed optimism didn’t final long.

Within 24 hours, all of it came help savor a freight prepare of distress.

The distress, sluggishness… and the wired nights.

At my subsequent appointment, the acupuncturist suggested me I’d have to head three instances a week if I desired to cease the distress entirely. And it might perhaps perhaps additionally rob many months.


Sadly, my insurance coverage very best lined $500 rate of visits a 365 days so there became as soon as no system I’d be succesful of give you the cash for that.

Plus, the time dedication of commuting to the therapist…

blended with my fear of needles – made it very indispensable to continue the therapy.

That’s when one thing wonderful happened.

I reached out to teach sorry to the girl I had crashed into.

She wasn’t furious at me… if truth be told, she became as soon as sympathetic.

It turned out she lived in the neighborhood, and her son went to the equivalent college as my daughter.

I invited her to my situation for coffee after she kindly supplied to decide on up and drop off my daughter from college till I obtained help on my ft.

Let me insist you – the next 2 hours modified my lifestyles.

After I suggested her regarding the temporary relief I’d stumbled on thru acupuncture, she actual smiled.

It turns out that she became as soon as a doctor of Worn Chinese language Medicine (TCM)…

Dr. Lin Xiaoxi. I had no conception that she became as soon as effectively-identified in TCM circles in China.

Inclined Secrets and ways, Unique Solutions

Dr Xiaoxi

Dr. Xiaoxi is a leading practitioner in the TCM therapeutic arts. She comes from an extended line of prestigious Chinese language medical doctors… nevertheless came to the united statesto prepare American therapists in the most stylish trends in Chinese language medication.

“Sure,” she stated, “acupuncture is amazingly efficient, nevertheless it surely’s now not for all people.”

I have a identical technique which doesn’t require needles, and you’d additionally with out problems be conscious it on yourself. All you wish is the ability to hear and contact.”

She explained,

“When your energies are perfectly balanced, the body’s therapeutic response is highly accelerated.

Nonetheless stylish life-style, stress, pollution and overloading the body throws out the fine steadiness of our body.

She persevered, “our body has vitality lines called ‘meridians’ that connect and nourish every indispensable organ of the body.

When vitality blockages happen… distress and disease manifest.”

Each and every meridian line is dotted with vitality parts… called acu-parts.

In my dwelling country of China, we now had been practicing acupuncture and acupressure for thousands of years to stimulate these acupoints…

Stimulating acupoints restores appropriate circulation, and excellent steadiness of vitality with our meridians.

Unleashing the total therapeutic energy of your body.

This phenomenal technique sends a message to the central nervous machine causing the starting up of distress-killing endorphins: noradrenalin, and enkephalin; which motivate to block the signal of distress to the brain. As effectively as: ‘beta-endorphins’ which had been stumbled on to be stronger than morphine.18

Dr. Xiaoxi went on to imprint there are 5 key ideas of unblocking these Meridian pathways:

  1. Needles, which is acupuncture.
  2. Warmth additionally works nevertheless it surely is frequently blended with needles.
  3. Electricity, called electro-acupuncture. By operating an electric contemporary thru acupuncture needles, you’d additionally tempo up the technique, nevertheless it surely might perhaps also be invasive. And most practitioners price extra for it.

  1. Finger tension, identified as acupressure. It’s a widely oldschool be conscious that pre-dates all somewhat quite loads of acu-therapies.
  2. Meridian frequencies. With sound therapy, blocked meridian lines might perhaps also be ‘reset’ the usage of a process called ‘entrainment’.

Synchronize Your Energies The usage of Sound Therapy

To know entrainment, you first need to realise that all the pieces is sound!

The entirety is in a say of vibration… if its vibrating, it’s striking out a sound… whether we can hear it or now not.

Electrons moving throughout the nucleus of an atom…

Planets in a long way away galaxies moving spherical their sun…

Every section of the body is in a say of vibration…

When all the pieces is healthy, we’re in a say of ‘sound health’.

We’re vibrating savor a ‘excellent orchestra’… a symphony of health…

Nonetheless what happens if the violin participant loses their sheet song? They are taking half in out of ease… out of gift… quite soon the whole string allotment sounds ‘off’….

Ear sound

The body begins to vibrate out of ease… which is what we name ‘dis-ease’.

What whenever you happen to might perhaps perhaps additionally restore the very best ‘sheet song’ to the violin participant?… restoring the very best resonant frequency?

Here’s the put the science of entrainment comes in…

Things that vibrate at identical frequencies require very itsy-bitsy work to synchronize in team spirit…

If a piano and a guitar were each in tune, and the gift G became as soon as performed on the piano, the G string on the guitar would additionally vibrate (as long as they are close together).

In this case, the string of the guitar absorbed the waves from the piano because it’s tuned to the equivalent frequency.

The sound of the piano precipitated the guitar to resonate with it.

This additionally happens whenever you happen to’re retaining two tuning forks… whenever you happen to strike one, the unstruck fork will begin to vibrate too.

Here’s entrainment19.

At any time when there are identical frequencies, a weaker frequency will harmonize with the stronger frequency.

Entrainment is amazingly novel biologically…

Equivalent to

  • Girls’s menstrual cycles synchronizing
  • The resetting of the interior body clock after a extraordinarily long plane flight
  • Or fireflies that blink together on the equivalent rate and time

It even occurs along side your mood… equivalent to ‘faulty vitality’. Enjoy you ever ever been spherical any individual who’s in a faulty mood? Did their faulty ‘vibe’ build you in a faulty mood too?

Or being spherical other folks who are in an very objective appropriate mood… the crowds collective vitality entrains you to an very objective appropriate mood.

With sound therapy, the plan is to entrain your low frequency to a more match, bigger frequency.

In the case of Dr. Lin’s therapy… the article is to entrain your unhealthy meridians to their optimum say.

“If you’d additionally opt up rid of particular out of doors frequencies that interfered with our our bodies, we might have bigger resistance in the direction of disease.” – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Sadly, our body can additionally be at possibility of entrainment of unnatural, nasty frequencies.

Electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) is an instance of these unnatural frequencies and is stumbled on nearly in every single place equivalent to Wi-Fi routers, cell phone towers and electrical appliances.

These objects disrupt our pure vitality drift, causing vitality blockages within our meridian methods. Energy blockages then manifest in our our bodies, as distress or disease.

Acupressure Combined With Meridian Frequencies. A Non-Invasive Different to Electro-Acupuncture

This skill of combining acupressure with meridian frequencies, Dr. Xiaoxi calls: Acu-FrequencyTM

She explained that whenever you mix two acu-therapies, there could be a synergistic interaction between them that makes them exponentially stronger than both treatment by itself.

Here’s why electro-acupuncture is this kind of favored acu-therapy in Chinese language hospitals… The synergy of TWO stimulants is savor pressing your body’s ‘pure reset button’

Acu-FrequencyTM works the equivalent system as electro-acupuncture… minus the electrified needles!

Nonetheless right here’s the in actuality very objective appropriate section: Since you’d additionally invent it yourself, you’re now not restricted by how many therapies you’d additionally give you the cash for or how many appointments you’d additionally opt up to a week.

And it be the glorious therapy for any individual savor me who’s petrified of needles.

Or for any individual who doesn’t need to use thousands of bucks and doesn’t need their lifestyles revolving throughout the next appointment.

Dr. Xiaoxi suggested me that she has step-by-step directions for a large vary of effort and aged ailments:

  • Locating explicit acupoints
  • Easy how to cease them
  • Plus, ideas to match the very best meridian frequencies with the very best workout routines

I be conscious the major night after we met, and she gave me some directions…

I adopted just a few of the sequences to be conscious what would happen. The principle technique I learned became as soon as “Soldiers Dark Spice” for fundamental distress. Ahead of I’d even performed the sequence, my distress became as soon as already receding into the background.

I became as soon as blown away!

My Worry Used to be Gorgeous… Gone!

It became as soon as savor acupuncture nevertheless turbo-charged, I could perhaps perhaps additionally invent it quite worthy anyplace, anytime.

I practiced my workout routines while attempting, on the bus quit, mendacity in mattress, or observing TV.

In precisely over a week, I now not wished my walking stick.


I became as soon as even in a position to utilize her ways to quit my blood tension medication… the reason of my accident!

I’d Lastly Broken the Chains of Medicine!

My health had been reclaimed. A amazing gift I conception I’d lost with out end!

I became as soon as so grateful to Dr. Xiaoxi and asked her how I could perhaps perhaps additionally repay her.

She handed me an faded, used leather-based-certain e book. They were her notes from her lifestyles’s work. She wanted me to re-write them in appropriate English so as that others might perhaps perhaps additionally feel the distress relief, now not actual her immediate sufferers.

It took with regards to two years to translate her notes, structure the machine, and pull all the pieces together to originate the program easy to utilize, and to yield the quickest outcomes.

And in the break it be right here…

I’m honored to portion the consequences with you. It’s called…


A Breakthrough Pure Therapeutic Science that Combines the Energy of Acupressure with Frequency Therapy

It’s a sturdy program that might perhaps perhaps educate somebody ideas to heal themselves, at dwelling the usage of nothing nevertheless their fingers and explicit sound frequencies.

Here’s What You Get:

The Pure Synergy Machine

This modern program is the masterworks combining sound therapy (entrainment) with acupressure. It’s a entire instruction program of what you want to know and ideas to decide on up various therapeutic ways.

You don’t need to know the leisure about TCM, acupressure or sound therapy.

You very best need the desire to be healthy and distress-free.

Whole Pure Synergy Machine

With over 150 somewhat quite loads of effort and ailments to treat – simply detect up the ailment in the alphabetically ordered index and begin acu-therapy.

The entirety is laid out with diagrams and checklists to originate it easy to be taught and be conscious.

You don’t desire a medical level – somebody can invent this!

It involves:

Phase 1 — Hidden Secrets and ways to Unlocking the Energy of TCM.

Step-by-step instruction blended with easy to be conscious diagrams will repeat you ideas to position these indispensable ways into be conscious for rapidly therapeutic.

The machine is equipped with ‘fool-proof’ formatting to originate it easy to secure the final situation you left off actual whenever you want to revise what you’ve learned.

Phase 2 — Explains all the pieces you want to know about how sound works to heal the body and ideas to utilize it to treat yourself.

Phase 3 — Acupressure Remedies for Day after day Instances — You will ogle ideas to utilize acupressure to treat over 150 explicit ailments and ailments from chronic distress to despair and apprehension.

Plus Meridian frequencies (entrainment frequencies) — Top quality audio and diagrams for all 14 meridians in the body.

Our health is dependent on free-flowing circulation of vitality throughout our meridian lines.

These meridian frequencies can dissolve blockages by synchronizing unhealthy meridian lines help to a healthy pure say.

This allotment is equipped with the whole entrainment frequencies wished to decide on up your health help heading in the appropriate route – immediate.

Additionally, there could be a bonus list of proven frequency therapy tracks which might be regularly oldschool by sound therapists and vitality healers. Equivalent to:

4 Binaural Brainwave Beats, 6 Solfeggio Frequencies, and a pair of Fashioned Frequencies (The Schumann Resonance & The Om Frequency).

Each and every of these tones works together to steadiness your though-provoking body and preserve mind and bodily body in team spirit.

Who Can Profit From Pure Synergy?

This program became as soon as created for folk who need to treat distress or disease at its root reason – in desire to maintaining the problem with medications.

Pure Synergy can motivate somebody who is suffering from:

  • Low immunity
  • Persistent distress
  • An ongoing disease
  • Addictions
  • Fertility & menstrual points
  • Alarm & despair

The Pure Synergy Book lists over 150 of the commonest ailments, the actual acupressure parts and meridian frequencies, and ideas to with out problems use them.

That you just must perhaps perhaps possibly additionally experience a high quality of lifestyles that might be unbelievable to you for the time being.

Yin Yang

If I will skedaddle from a heart-broken, tablet-popping zombie to the very best I’ve ever felt in my lifestyles, you’d additionally too!

Lastly, heal the basis reason of your distress, disease, and sadness… I’m talking just a few dedication of actual 3 minutes a day.


“I need to teach that your blueprint works miracles for me.

Precise acupuncture hurts too worthy, and you supply the true resolution for dwelling treatment.

I suffer from fibromyalgia, spasmophilia and chronic fatigue syndrome, maximum discover on the major two.

I’m now off all opioids and most of my benzodiazepines.

Your program is groundbreaking! Thanks ever so worthy.”

Elsje Belgium


“I have oldschool Pure Synergy to alleviate distress in my knee, lend a hand discomfort in my teeth and boost my immune machine and am convinced that the machine works. Generally you do now not even need to work on the whole parts!”

Nora England


“I’m mountainous impressed, easiest purchase and cost for cash I have made in the self-discipline of health as I’m a clinical nutritionist and herbalist. I actual desired to portion how pleased and happy I’m with the program and the app is simply very objective appropriate, so worthy cost right here for the cash. The e book, photos and steerage in utility is so treasured that I’m sharing it with all people who comes into my hospital.

Yet again thank you so worthy for this fine gift.”

Brigitte Australia

William, Israel

“A brief time in the past, my wife awoke one morning with a frozen shoulder. My experience as a naturopath is that this in most cases takes somewhat some time to resolve the usage of a combine of therapies. This time, I did the acupressure and frequency sounds on all 6 of the parts for 3 minutes every – as soon as very best. The next day, my wife awoke without a distress, discomfort or motion restriction.

That became as soon as spherical a month in the past, and since then, no recurrence …

Magic, yes?

Thanks so worthy for this program.”

William Israel

Coco, India

“The idea of a twin opt up pleasure from Acupressure blended with the Entrainment Conception is so animated.

The Binaural and others beats/ Audios blended originate it awfully objective appropriate and relaxing throughout the day and night too, while sleeping.

I’m an RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) sufferer for the past two an extended time and sleep became as soon as totally deprived attributable to fixed distress all over, BUT, i need to teach these audios helped me most.

Used to be stunned when somewhat quite loads of contributors of my family (in somewhat quite loads of rooms) came up to me taking half in these beats and stated, ‘What song is this? It’s so soothing and in actuality relaxes you’.

Thanks for this.”

Coco India

Coco, India

“Pure Synergy is a excessive program of self motivate in therapeutic. Generally it affords relief very soon or appropriate after utility of the urged motion, in cases of distress or in cases of soft discomfort. I additionally stumbled on it in particular vital in cases of seasonal dizziness I experience now not too long in the past. I preserve this program in high savor attributable to its helpfulness to me. Additionally, I savor the readability of the system it’s presented and the truth that it’s easy to utilize. I wholeheartedly counsel it and make particular that it’s without prolong appropriate: no need of preliminary data or search for, actual be taught the directions. Pointless to teach, one can additionally savor the introductory chapters of the e book, in particular if one is now not conscious of Chinese language Medicine, meridians, acupuncture and the properties of sound frequencies. Thanks for constructing this kind of marvelous program!”

Rodiani Greece

Karen, Wyoming USA

“Our son became as soon as diagnosed with schizophrenia 13 years in the past.

Here’s the major mixture of your acu-frequencies we were the usage of.

I have step by step been taking half in the mixture of Binaural beats, ethereal, Triple burner and Pleasure.

This mixture for the final week, on an off throughout the day.

On the present time he actual made an off the wall, comment as we were visiting.

He stated you know mother I feel somewhat quite loads of. I asked him how the true thing he would teach is I’m more conscious of what’s going on spherical me and I feel safe.

These were the very best phrases I have heard from him throughout the final 15 years.

Thanks for making this tool sensible.

I asked him if he loved the song I became as soon as taking half in for him.

He stated that’s when he feels savor himself, the voices need to now not in his head while he’s paying consideration to the song and he feel quiet within.

I’m recommending you to somewhat quite loads of families who might perhaps perhaps additionally use this.

Please preserve on your route’s work. You are doing excellent :)”

Karen Wyoming USA

Here are actual just a few of the ideas you are going to detect within Pure Synergy:

These indispensable ways might perhaps perhaps additionally seem ‘silly sounding’ – nevertheless had been translated from stale textual yell material.
Taming Wind


“Taming Wind”

strengthens the organs that govern the immune machine, ensuring the very best defence against chilly and flu. This protection system you’d very best experience a sniffle, against the prospect of feeling savor you’ve been hit with a ton of bricks

Zigzag Pond


“Zigzag Pond, Smiling Buddha” – Arthritis Relief

It’s an especially efficient technique for arthritis relief. Utilize this efficient technique to soften away stubborn soreness anyplace, anytime.



“Maidens Dowry” – Persistent Fatigue Syndrome Relief

This collection of how affords you that supply of pure vitality you had whenever you were younger. Maiden’s Dowry is an fine resolution to Persistent Fatigue Syndrome.

Moon Shadow Shifting


“Moon Shadow Shifting” – Insomnia Relief

Sleep soundly and opt up up refreshed with this pure relief from insomnia. Dawdle to mattress with ease and relaxation all night.

Dragon's Damage out


“Dragon’s Damage out” – Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking. Although this methodology became as soon as in the origin formulated centuries in the past to alleviate opium dependancy, it quiet works equally effectively for quitting cigarettes or somewhat quite loads of habits.

Exasperated Snake, Loving Maiden


“Exasperated Snake, Loving Maiden” – Pores and skin Relate Medicine

This formula is excellent for psoriasis, eczema, and acne relief.

Drunken Monkey's Breakfast


“Drunken Monkey’s Breakfast” – Hangover Relief

The easiest cure for a hangover. This mixture of how cures now not very best your headache nevertheless additionally nausea that incorporates it.

Stolen Stallion's Reward


“Stolen Stallion’s Reward” – Medicine for Impotence

A mixture of how that targets the bodily and the mental roots of impotence issues.

Soldiers Dark Spice


“Soldiers Dark Spice” – Trusty Worry Killer

Honest for fundamental distress. Continuously oldschool by acupuncturists and holistic healers for fundamental anesthesia anyplace in the body.

Broken Oxen, Weeping Farmer


“Broken Oxen, Weeping Farmer” – Lend a hand Worry Relief

Get long-lasting relief for actual help distress. Combine these parts with “Soldiers Dark Spice” for optimum relief.

Emperor's Third Glimpse


“Emperor’s Third Glimpse” – Medicine for Depression

Serve despair by stimulating anti-despair parts and promoting a healthy circulation of Qi. The 2d step involves tension parts that allow negative emotions upward push to the surface and dissipate.

Forgotten Backyard, Lucky Rabbit


“Forgotten Backyard, Lucky Rabbit” – Sharpen the Mind

Increase reminiscence and focus. Psychological sharpness doesn’t have to decide on up worse with age. The mind is a now not a vessel to be stuffed nevertheless a fireplace to be kindled.

These wonderful ways are very best a extraordinarily dinky allotment of the ailments you’d additionally target the usage of Pure Synergy.

Here are just a few somewhat quite loads of how you are going to be taught.


“Crack of dawn of Beautiful Lotus” be conscious these ways on the optimum time of the day for elevated fertility.


“Zigzag Rope Release” that might perhaps perhaps additionally in the break free you from the grips of apprehension, stress, and tension.


“Cracked Watchtower Bell” relieves blinding headaches and migraines with out ever having to be successful in for a tablet.


Or “Calming Dragon’s Wrath” to eradicate nasty heartburn and reflux for objective appropriate.

All of these ideas might perhaps also be oldschool with out problems in

actual 3 minutes a day!

I’m so confident that Pure Synergy will give you the results you want, that I’m supplying you with an iron clad 100% no questions asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 60 days!

Dr Lin Xiaoxi’s Pure Synergy Machine comes with an unconditional, 100% cash help guarantee.

Strive out the machine for a full 60 days with absolutely no threat.

You are going to ogle for yourself how immediate it erases actual distress and accelerates therapeutic.

While you have started the usage of the Acu-FrequencyTM ways, I’m confident that you simply are going to NEVER need to secure help!

By choosing a pure technique to your health, you’ll feel younger and more though-provoking than you have in years.

You’ll be happy with the consequences or we’ll be succesful of originate it appropriate, assured.

Gorgeous ship me one rapid email and I will refund your price on the say!

60 Day Guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  • No strings linked
  • No varieties to have out
  • No need to originate any excuses
  • No ready

And as a gesture of objective appropriate will, you preserve all the pieces…

I’m taking the whole threat right here… realistically, there’s nothing stopping you from buying the machine with the plan of getting your cash help and retaining all the pieces… nevertheless I have confidence you obtained’t invent that to me.

So relaxation assured, you’re entirely lined, no subject what!


60 Day 100% Money Lend a hand Guarantee

Strive the Pure Synergy Machine for yourself for a full 60 days!

If for any cause that you simply must now not pleased, you’d additionally opt up a full on-the-say refund, no questions asked, no looking ahead to ‘business days’ to acquire your cash help!

Merely email me, and your ask might be processed without prolong.

60-Day Money Lend a hand Guarantee

Emily J. Parker & Dr Lin Xiaoxi

Co-creators of the Pure Synergy Machine

60-Day Money Lend a hand Guarantee

Are You Ready To Take dangle of Lend a hand Control Of Your Health?

Pure Synergy became as soon as created namely for you and your loved ones suffering from a tall selection of novel ailments, actual distress, and emotional disorders.

So, by now, you are doubtlessly wondering, “Emily, how worthy does it cost?

I will repeat that in precisely a 2d…

First, I have to manufacture worthy more tools to be particular your success…

That’s why I’m including 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES actual for you.

Bonus #1: East-West BP Balance — Acupressure for Regaining Wholesome Blood Tension (Cost $39) FREE

BP Balance e book

Are you conscious that one-in-three U.S. adults6, (about 75 million), have hypertension?

Americans use a median of $1,112 per person, per 365 days, on medications which might be unnatural and nasty for the body. And in many cases invent more hurt than objective appropriate.

In the East-West BP Balance, you’ll secure proven ideas to treat your blood tension with out costly or unstable of medicines.

This 142-page goldmine of data is broken down in two ingredients. Phase one is the Western methodology of naturally treating hypertension and section 2 is the Jap methodology.

Among the wonderful alternate choices discussed contain:

  • 42 Substantial fruits, veggies, herbs and spices which had been clinically proven to naturally strive against hypertension – p. 40 – forty eight
  • Acupressure parts to harmonize the center, facet-outcomes contain: relief from despair, apprehension and insomnia – p. 78
  • Acupressure parts to alleviate stress and quiet the mind which vastly lowers BP – p. 92
  • Fighting free radicals, a reason of hypertension – p. 23
  • Easy-to-be conscious steps and diagrams the usage of TCM that appropriate High Blood Tension at its root reason – p. 71

This e book can keep you a lifetime of battling blood tension, as effectively as terrible and costly medications.

Keep in mind what it might perhaps perhaps additionally feel savor the next time you opt up your BP checked and your doctor says he hasn’t viewed numbers these objective appropriate in years!

The machine is stuffed with easy-to-be conscious diagrams, photos, and appetizing recipes that might originate your transition to healthy blood tension as easy as 1-2-3!

Change into independent from from your toxic BP medication – which never cures the problem.

As an alternative, rob alter of your health the usage of pure Jap medication and effectively-researched Western cures to attack the problem at its root reason.

“I will insist you that after the usage of the Blood Tension balancer for somewhat some time, I have diminished and kept my 190/90 High Blood Tension the total blueprint down to a median 135/67-145/70 Tension, with none drug…that’s somewhat objective appropriate for a 81 365 days faded man, is it now not !!!…attributable to you…”

Jacques Canada

Bonus #2: Jap Metabolism Miracle — Lose Weight While Eating What You Favor The usage of Acupressure (Cost $49) FREE

All of us need motivate with weight alter. Nonetheless you are going to be stunned to know that it’s now not about what you like, nevertheless when!

This seventy nine-page, Jap Metabolism Miracle covers ideas to manage your weight the usage of acupressure and metabolism boosting ways.

Metabolism Miracle e book
  • Calorie requirements: Assorted our bodies, somewhat quite loads of wants. How outdated weight loss advice is counter productive – p. 10
  • Easy-to-be conscious acupressure parts for consistent weight loss – p. 44
  • Logging your system to a lighter you. How journaling can enable you pinpoint explicit foods which might be derailing your progress – p. 37
  • Harmonizing the Spleen & Abdomen for optimum digestion. Explore how the Spleen performs a necessary feature for optimum digestion and a faster metabolism – p. 49
  • Metabolism Myths: Truth vs Fiction. Explore the myths which might be sabotaging your weight loss, while kickstarting your body to burn elephantine savor you’re a teen again – p. 12
  • Luminous the very best nutrients for profound elephantine burning – p. 23

The usage of a easy acu-sequence, you’d additionally lose the weight and preserve it off by:

– Boosting your metabolism

– Balancing your appetite

– Regulating your digestion, insulin, and hormones

While quiet taking half in the foods you savor.

Bonus # 3: Acu-Facelift Revitalizer — Defy Growing outdated with Acupressure by Stimulating Formative years Meridians (Cost $29) FREE

As soon as we predict of bettering our look, we hear to the skin and muscles in the face. Nonetheless, the basis reason of sagging skin, spots and darkish circles stems from deeper points in the organs.

This easy-to-be conscious 153-page machine reveals you the acupressure parts to the three organs which might be without prolong associated to a youthful look and younger attempting skin.

Acu-Facelift e book

  • Chapter 1The Kidneys – the Gatekeeper of Formative years. The Kidneys are the organs most excessive to slowing the growing older process. This chapter reveals you the actual parts to press to nourish your kidneys. It very best takes 20 seconds a day! You’ll be haunted to know these tension parts are nowhere device your kidneys.
  • Chapter 2The Lungs – The Forgotten Fountain of Formative years.

    When the Lungs are out of steadiness, it causes untimely growing older. “Unhappy” lungs manufacture skinny, papery skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. You’ll detect:

    • Acupressure Parts for Cooling and Moistening the Lungs
    • Meals for rejuvenating the Lungs
    • Gua Sha Facial Rub down – an thrilling, stale facial technique that circulates stagnant vitality and stimulates microcirculation of the delicate tissue, which increases blood drift.
    • The usage of a Jade Roller to motivate de-puff, firm the skin, magnify circulation, and decrease irritation.

  • Chapter 3The Spleen – A Well-known Key to the Magnificence Puzzle. The Spleen performs a really indispensable feature in retaining the muscles firm and actual. It works against gravity to withhold all the pieces in situation including your face. If it turns into imbalanced, skin and muscles begin to hunch and sag. This chapter will repeat you ideas to utilize acupressure parts to invigorate the Spleen, tighten the skin and firm up the facial muscles.
  • Chapter 4Hanging Together Your Cosmetic Acupressure Routine. Learn a step-by-step beauty acupressure routine that you simply’d additionally with out problems be conscious whenever you have free time.
  • Chapter 5Your Day-to-day Magnificence Routine. Now that you simply know your tension parts and have an acupressure routine, it’s time to incorporate them into an overall beauty routine. You choose up 44 pages of full-coloration photos of the tension parts for now not very best facial beauty nevertheless your overall health.
  • Chapter 6Five Unbelievable Facial Masks from the Kitchen. You choose up entire easy-to-originate recipes for beautifully revitalizing facial masks.

This novel bonus is a proven step-by-step blueprint that teaches you ideas to defy the growing older process by the usage of acupressure and stale Chinese language secrets and ways.

That you just must perhaps perhaps possibly additionally have secure out about A-list celebrities the usage of cosmetic acupuncture to retaining sagging eyes and jaw line jowls at bay. Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez are actual just a few stars that pronounce by its rejuvenating powers.

With ongoing therapies charging up to $300 per session, and the distress of needles, very best the rich and effectively-known can present you the cash for this treatment. That is till now.

This invent-it-yourself acupressure beauty blueprint is painless and is actual as efficient!

The working out on this e book by myself has saved me a entire bunch of bucks in facial serums and concealers that I now not need.

“In my mid thirties; I slowly watched my face inherit the pronounced jowls my mother had. So when I supplied pure synergy, I became as soon as very fervent to be conscious what acu-revitalizer would invent for me. My sister mentioned the variation first, then sooner or later my husband. Since then I’ve adopted the wonder advice day by day and my jowls detect worthy softer!”

Angelica W. Bridgeport USA

Whole Pure Synergy Machine

The product is digital and the photos are for visualization very best.

  visualization cause images

These three wonderful bonuses are novel to Pure Synergy. That you just must perhaps perhaps’t opt up them anyplace else and together, are rate $117! The Pure Synergy Book by myself in most cases retails for $299, and we’ve sold a entire bunch at that imprint.

Your entire Pure Synergy program PLUS all those wonderful bonuses have a blended rate of $416.

Nonetheless you obtained’t pay the leisure device this imprint!

I know what it be savor to have depressing health points and restricted finances. That’s why I’m providing the whole Pure Synergy equipment at a MUCH decrease imprint.

You don’t have to pay $416. It’s indispensable to now not even going to pay $50!

I have to give other folks an affordable probability to abolish distress naturally… with out the concern of dependancy.

Treating the basis reason of novel ailments

And reducing the need for nasty prescriptions that contain problematic facet outcomes.

So you are going to decide on up all the pieces for actual $47. That’s it.

Scroll down and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below… and in seconds, you’d have entire opt up admission to to:

  • The Pure Synergy Machine (usual imprint $299)
  • BONUS #1 – East West BP Balance (valued $39)
  • BONUS #2 – Jap Metabolism Miracle (valued $49)
  • BONUS # 3 – Acu-Facelift and Revitalizer (valued $29)
  • PLUS – SUPER BONUS (valued $29)

Whole cost: $449

Exiguous time added cut rate: $47

(This supply expires in much less that six hours)

Having been seriously in heart-broken health myself, I know that your health is the most treasured thing you’d additionally possess. With out health, a billionaire might perhaps also be the poorest person on your boulevard.

Gorgeous now you have a threat-free opportunity to make investments on your health – Nonetheless its for a restricted time.

BUT WAIT! We’re supplying you with a precious tool that you simply’ll absolutely LOVE!

SUPER BONUS — The Pure Synergy App (Cost $29.ninety nine) FREE

Our contributors are raving about this app! It’s a long way the true partner to the Pure Synergy Machine.

The Pure Synergy App is a first rate sound therapist on your pocket.

This would perhaps perhaps enable you experience relief from many different effort and ailments and detect objective appropriate holistic peace and happiness, even with out the total Pure Synergy Machine at hand.

It comes with over 100 somewhat quite loads of ailments to treat plus over 100 professionally recorded therapeutic tones including:


  • forty five Assorted ambient nature tracks  that might perhaps also be blended to your interior most liking equivalent to:
    • Rainforest sounds
    • Ocean shore
    • Woodland at night,
    • Wind chimes
    • Crack of dawn jungle
    • Relaxed hypnotic pure sounds of nature
    • And loads of, many more!

Whole Pure Synergy APP

  • 12 preset binaural beat entrainment tracks which had been blended with hypnotic song.
  • 35 ambient tracks to be oldschool as a meditative or relaxing tool, or to be blended (the usage of Pure Synergy’s mixer) to manufacture your possess interior most therapeutic tracks.
  • Easy accessibility to acupressure instruction for over 400 acupoints.
  • An alphabetical list of 100 somewhat quite loads of effort and ailments with easy instruction for relief the usage of Acu-FrequencyTM.
  • 14 somewhat quite loads of meridian frequencies to be oldschool while applying acupressure or blended with somewhat quite loads of therapeutic tracks.
  • 6 therapeutic Solfeggio tones – every Solfeggio tone is created from a frequency that balances your vitality 
and keeps your body, mind and spirit in excellent team spirit.
  • 4 Binaural brainwave tones – designed to tune your wide awake to priceless brainwave states for 
heightened creativity and focal point.
  • 2 novel tones for mental and bodily effectively being (the OM frequency and the Schumann resonance).

Outmoded by high priced therapeutic spas, yoga instructors and sound therapists, the Pure Synergy App is bigger than an efficient therapeutic tool for the mind.

Sound therapy helps restore the body to optimum health, steadiness and have.

The usage of the science of entrainment, the Pure Synergy App uses the Vagus nerve to transmit therapeutic frequencies to the body’s organs and tissues, promoting healthy cell feature and supporting the body’s pure therapeutic abilities.

Wendy, USA

“I’ve been the usage of the pure synergy app for just a few immediate days now.

I’m discovering myself having better meditation with it, as effectively as much less distress from fibromyalgia.

Thank You for constructing this app!

I know as I continue to utilize it my health will continue to decide on up better.”

Wendy USA

Joe, USA

“I have oldschool the app over and over, it’s easy and so vital. I have it on my phone, and use it in my classes. I educate Qi Gong / Tai Qi in senior products and services. There are continuously questions about their ailments and what they might perhaps perhaps invent for themselves. I whip out my phone and give them a tension point they might be able to use. The oldsters so savor having and seeing one thing with a image and seeming actual for them. Immense app!”


Jim, USA

“The Pure Synergy app is mountainous. I in actuality experience it. I’m in a position to enter a relaxed say so worthy simpler, and my meditations are more insightful. Drowsing, I will experience loads more lucid needs.

Thanks Pure Synergy”


As each Apple and Google very best give a restricted collection of free codes to give to our contributors, the app might perhaps perhaps now not be accessible for free with out end so be particular you be half of on the present time!

Here’s the indispensable truth you possibly already know. If you should somewhat quite loads of outcomes you want to invent one thing somewhat quite loads of. Kind a definitive resolution appropriate now to decide on up somewhat quite loads of outcomes.

On sensible, Americans use $1,200 a 365 days on prescription medications… for actual $47 you’d additionally doubtlessly keep over $1000 in the major 365 days by myself!

With a 60-day cash help guarantee, there’s zero threat. Get MASSIVE savings from the blended equipment cost of $446 and pay:

JUST $47

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Whole Pure Synergy Machine

The product is digital and the photos are for visualization very best.

  visualization cause images

Lori, Phoenix, USA

“My help distress became as soon as GONE! I’m in AWE of this program. I savor this program and app! Even when I’m unable to invent all of the acupressure parts because I’m out operating spherical, I will hear to the coinciding meridian sounds explicit to my ailment and a long way to my pride, I secure relief! I’m very active and suffered two help injuries years in the past that continue to reason me distress infrequently. This distress never goes away in its possess and requires a time out to the chiropractor which I don’t continuously have the time for. I had been suffering the distress for several weeks when I purchased Pure Synergy. While at work the somewhat quite loads of day, feeling worthy distress from a scream the previous night, I made up my mind to hear to the meridian sounds associated to help distress. Ahead of I had even performed them all, my help distress became as soon as GONE! This in actuality has never happened! It’s been two days and the distress has now not returned! Nonetheless actual for objective appropriate measure, I hear now not now not up to as soon as a day…

I’m in AWE of this program. Thanks Pure Synergy!”

Lori Phoenix, USA

Paul, USA

“Pure Synergy worked for my skin issues. Eczema i had for years. When i remark it approaching i be conscious the tension to the somewhat quite loads of parts on my body just a few instances per day and it keeps eczema from turning true into a subject. Now its been just a few months since i had any issues.

I’m very pleased i supplied the products.”

Paul USA

Stella, England

“After suffering insomnia for quite loads of years, I found Pure Synergy, and to insist that my lifestyles has modified would be an underestimation. I’m amazed that by the usage of one thing so easy as acupressure I will sleep for a full eight hours with out waking. I now feel totally refreshed when I opt up up and have more vitality throughout the day.”

Stella England


“No longer very best is buyer provider awesome with Pure Synergy, nevertheless their program is in actuality the BEST! If you happen to acquire pure steadiness for your body, have or now not it be noninvasive and cheap you have a successful formula and Pure Synergy has that formula! The structure is easy to be conscious, and the in-depth yell material is phenomenal!

I have bought and oldschool identical programs, nevertheless this one is my accepted by a long way. That you just must perhaps perhaps possibly additionally’t skedaddle horrible whenever you purchase their program!”

Cynthia Montana, USA


“I will’t possess the volume of data that became as soon as without prolong accessible as soon as my purchase became as soon as performed. It’s so entire nevertheless so easy to be taught and the easy task is priceless. I will ogle Pure Synergy to be this kind of blessing to myself and my family. It has a dazzling vitality surrounding it. Although I have very best actual bought it, I have already oldschool it to rid myself of a headache. Yay. I know if I have any questions I will confidently contact you and know i will obtain and answer. I know the strengthen is there and it’s miles so encouraging to feel this.

I savor it and might perhaps perhaps additionally’t thank you sufficient for this methodology to be shared with the world.”

Lynette Australia

Grezthen, Philippines

“Ahead of the usage of Pure Synergy (NS), I became as soon as taking my medication (upkeep) for my blood tension on a day by day basis. On the major month of the usage of NS day by day, I didn’t quit my medication but. Nonetheless on my 2nd month of the usage of NS, I step by step refrain the usage of my high blood medication on a day by day basis. On the first week of my 2nd month of the usage of NS, I took my medication every somewhat quite loads of day. On my 2nd week of my 2nd month of the usage of NS, I took my medication twice very best. On my Third week, I took my medication very best as soon as. Lastly, on my 4th week, I tried the usage of your Pure Synergy with out taking even a single medication.

Luckily, for 10 months now, I’m practicing your Pure synergy with out taking any of my medication the least bit. In somewhat quite loads of phrases, I’m now free from taking my medication!

No longer very best that. Each time I feel in heart-broken health, I hear to the Theta Therapeutic preset beat and the 528 Hz and Schumann Resonance frequencies. I with out problems opt up better and feel mountainous again. Generally, even though I had very best 3 hrs of sleep if I hear to those frequencies ahead of retiring to mattress, I felt savor I had 8 hrs of sleep. They are in actuality very objective appropriate!

Referring to the acupressure with corresponding audio, the usage of my fingers or my acupressure pen in pressing the acupressure parts, I realized that the cease is the equivalent. Nonetheless I need the usage of my acupressure pen for comfort.

For 10 months now, NS has turn out to be my therapeutic partner. I even use it to somewhat loads of oldsters. I grew to turn out to be an immediate Healer!

I’m in actuality grateful to you Emily for sharing to us your Pure Synergy.

Thanks again, Emily! God Bless you!”

Grezthen Philippines

Greg, USA

“In my discovering out I became as soon as ended in Pure Synergy which supplied now not very best a wealth of data, nevertheless the addition of a ‘utility’ that addresses wave frequencies and their namely centered areas the put they are going to even be utilized to therapeutic, along with sounds that cease those frequencies that you simply’d additionally use by listening or applying acupressure therapy. I could perhaps perhaps additionally be taught all kinds of books on various themes, and did, nevertheless Pure Synergy Software program serves as a portal to reference data and true tools, along with data data as contemporary analysis yields outcomes.

My funding is effectively rate the accessible tools and data. If any of the above, or all of the above intrigue you, I counsel Pure Synergy to you. Whether or now not the reference put, the tools, the blog and/or updates…every is rate the funding by myself.

I’m actual over 60, in most cases lean a itsy-bitsy bit more on the conservative facet. I have an originate mind and readily contain the wonderful long standing ingredients as effectively as emerging data and tools accessible at this lucky time.”

Greg USA


“I oldschool the Pure Synergy protocol on my patient for eczema twice weekly for 3 weeks along with a trade of weight-reduction plot. Consequence became as soon as fine. Patient recovered totally.”

Dr. Martin Siu DNM, DHS, IMD, PhD

Doctor of Pure Medicine, Doctor of Humanitarian Companies and products, Doctor of Integrative Medicine. Doctor of Chinese language Medicine & Acupuncture, Qigong Medicine

I’d savor to hear your interior most chronicle of how Pure Synergy helped you. Please email me and let me know.

Yours in health and happiness,

Emily J. Parker

P.S. This route is an digital route, so that you simply’d additionally obtain it and begin without prolong. There might be no shipping moving, and you opt up immediate opt up admission to! Remember, this closely discounted imprint of $47 might perhaps perhaps now not be spherical for long. Get it while you’d additionally.


Underneath are some solutions to objective appropriate questions other folks have asked about Pure Synergy:

Can I quiet build a query to objective appropriate outcomes if I very best use acupressure and never the meridian frequencies?

How invent I know which meridian frequency to utilize?

What’s acupoint therapy?

I have never heard of “entrainment” ahead of. Why is that?

What need to quiet I build a query to when I use Pure Synergy?

I hope this FAQ helps answer your questions. Are you in a position to alleviate distress naturally, at dwelling? Protest below.

JUST $47

Click on the button below

Add To Cart For $47

ClickBank Secured

The Food and Drug Administration has now not evaluated these statements. Continuously seek the advice of your physician ahead of origin any weight-reduction plot or scream program. This product is now not supposed to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Please Blow their own horns: The subject subject on this put is available in the market for informational functions very best and is now not medical advice.

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