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Russian Relationship Scammers FAQ:

Q. I’ve met a undoubtedly nice Russian girl at the relationship web region. I’d be pleased to know whether the girl is for valid and her beefy name, take care of, phone quantity, non-public e-mail, but all I really include is her Establish, Age and Photos. Is that this ample to uncover all files?

A. Yes, we are able to try and secure her profile there and provide the background investigation in 6-7 days. Plump refund if no result.

Q. Russian girl sent me the reproduction of her inside passport / ID. Are you able to mumble me whether this document is valid or if this girl has applied for an worldwide passport?

A. Our classic background check entails the free verification of any identification document as an inside Russian or Ukrainian passport, worldwide passport, id card or driver’s license.

Q. Are there any blacklists of all Russians who’re diagnosed Records superhighway relationship Russian scammers.

A. Here you would maybe well secure our month-to-month updated Russian relationship scammers database.

Q. I modified into once planning to circulation away this Friday morning from the USA to float to Kiev to see a girl named Alina C. Now I stare you would maybe well well presumably even include gotten blacklisted her name. I am attributable to this truth scared she shall be an authority scammer and include contacted their security as neatly. Are you able to relieve to substantiate this person id as quickly as conceivable?

A. We are able to operate the fleet background check investigation and send the background yarn on her in 24 hours for a further price.

Q. My Ukrainian girl wants to fabricate a visa for touring to me in Sweden. She says that she must include $1200.00 in cash to show she will be able to afford to plug. How grand cash are Ukrainians required to show?

A. To rep a visa, Ukrainian or Russian candidates are now now not required to show cash for plug. She is a scammer.

Q. The Russian girl says that she desires $500.00 to show for money or the airline may well now now not let her board the airplane. Precise?

A. There are no Russian or Ukrainian customs or airline rules requiring vacationers show proof of profits or cash to plug commence air. The scammers normally cite fictitious Russian rules in uncover to gain the money sent in a foreign places nation.

Q. I’d be pleased to impart the Russian girl to the England to talk to me. She says I include to wire her the money for a designate.

A. We advice never send the money for a designate. You are going to be ready to aquire the tickets your self without difficulty on-line from the air carriers for Russian other people.

Q. I mediate I really had been scammed. I really include sent the Ukrainian girl $900.00 and now I uncover her worldwide passport is a false. How operate I gain my money relieve?

A. By our experience the likelihood of cash recuperating after relationship scam case is set 30 percent.

We’ve got had round fifty winning cases most productive for the closing ten years when the large majority of stolen quantity modified into once returned to our prospects.

We exhaust the following proven procedure:

-ticket scammer’s IP take care of and uncover their valid name, DOB and home take care of,

-accumulate the all fundamental proofs of scam,

-wrote a letter of criticism and notarized,

-send a criticism to authorities,

-work with the police department till the scammer agrees to pay relieve the money.

Q. I’d be pleased to gain the valid shots of my web date from Lugansk, Ukraine. Additionally may well well you search out if she has the lover there?

A. If you occur to want the excellent files referring to the person, you would maybe well well presumably also uncover the DETAILED BACKGROUND CHECK, i. e. an developed non-public detective investigation in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, etc.

The Detailed yarn entails:

-person’s valid shots;

-extra files referring to the person (non-public e-mail, cell phones, the beefy historical previous of employment, registered vehicles, property, any business, etc.);

-detailed files about other people and household;

-detailed files (including footage) about her shut chums or lovers, if any (male or female);

-assorted files upon your query.

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